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Settore Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti
Categoria Coordinatore approvvigionamenti.
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He reports to the Site Control Manager.
He is responsible for material management at Site. He collects all the documents and
certification covering the arrival of materials at site and provides for recording of their
movements. He supplies the Site Control Manager with elements enabling the feasibility
analysis of the construction programs.
His main responsibilities are:
•To arrange warehouse logistics according to the instructions of the Site Manager;
•To manage information relevant to arrival of materials at site and their availability at
the warehouse;
•To coordinate the availability of shipping documentation and feed the warehouse data
base with proper information;
•Co-ordinate any necessary action to support customs clearance of materials;
•To manage the receiving, check, storage and preservation of materials delivered at
•To manage the receiving, check, recording and traceability of material certificates;
•To issue any supply non-conformities and follow-up the relevant resolution;
•Initiate procedures concerning insurance claims for damage to materials during
transport to Site or during erection;
•To start the application for insurance claims related to materials damaged during
transportation or erection;
•To initiate claims against vendors for missing materials and/or non-conformity with
the relevant purchase order;
•To supply Site Planner with updated information regarding materials availability at site
to support the construction schedule reliability;
•To inform Site Control Manager/Coordinator about plant material status and delivery
forecasts, in order to verify the feasibility of Construction schedules;
•To manage the delivery of materials to Subcontractors in accordance with materiallist
presented by the same and according to the instructions given by the Supervisors;
•To keep records about the handling of materials, using corporate software systems;
•Perform feasibility analysis by the Company software System;
To keep on records of surplus materials for possible sale at the end of the job.

Qualifications and training requested: We look for someone who has occupied an
equivalent position for at least 5 years, working on large size projects, preferably with
proven experience in managing construction material of high value EPC Contracts.

Location: CANADA
Language: English and French: fluent level

Mobilization Data: April 2013
Duration : until August 2013
Rotation: 93/15
Accommodation: hotel or similar

lavoro meccanico
Nazione Canada
Regione NO ITALY
Provincia NO ITALY
Città Canada
lavoro elettrico
Anni esperienza da 6 a 10
Studi richiesti media superiore
candidati all'annuncio di lavoro
Azienda FRAG
lavoro specializzato

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  01/10/2015 responsabile di produzione cartotecnico MONZA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  01/10/2015 Addetto/a magazzino settore auto LUCCA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  01/10/2015 IMPIEGATA DI MAGAZZINO MANTOVA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  01/10/2015 IMPIEGATO UFFICIO ACQUISTI VICENZA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  30/09/2015 IMPIEGATO DI PRODUZIONE BERGAMO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  30/09/2015 IMPIEGATO DI MAGAZZINO BERGAMO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  30/09/2015 ADDETTO AL MAGAZZINO BRESCIA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  29/09/2015 Vice direttore di produzione LECCO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  28/09/2015 MAGAZZINIERE/MULETTISTA con PATENTINO MILANO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  26/09/2015 RESPONSABILE DELL’UFFICIO ACQUISTI BERGAMO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  26/09/2015 RESPONSABILE DI MAGAZZINO UDINE Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  25/09/2015 CARRELLISTA BRESCIA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  25/09/2015 IMPIEGATA DI MAGAZZINO PART TIME TREVISO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  25/09/2015 CORSO GRATUITO per PATENTINO CARRELLO E TREVISO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  25/09/2015 MULETTISTA DI MAGAZZINO BRESCIA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  25/09/2015 MAGAZZINIERE SETTORE TESSILE URGENTE TREVISO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  24/09/2015 IMPIEGATO/A ADDETTO ALLA LOGOSTICA TRIESTE Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  23/09/2015 ADDETTA ALLA LOGISTICA DI TRASPORTI. TREVISO Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  23/09/2015 Magazziniere-Operaio Alimentare BRESCIA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
  23/09/2015 MAGAZZINIERE USO CARROPONTE MODENA Logistica/Acquisti/Appalti  
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